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What I have observed with my experience "Blogging" is only a great medium for sharing my favorite things with the people. This is your content which helps you to grow and make you reach a better audience. I Completed my Engineering in Computer Science from Mumbai University.

I’m very eager to learn more about new technologies and a self-motivated problem solver. My primary motive is to always inspire people from various domains and helping them to learn something different from others. I want to make people's creativity on the floor.

I have Good knowledge of WordPress, Operating Systems, Website Designing, Adsense, Technolgy Like Java, Angular JS Etc.

Here are the few categories that are covered by the Entertain Platform.

Technology: You’ll get the latest technology news on our blog. New phone launches, new gadgets, new Android versions, and their features, you name it and our blog covers it.

Health: Health is the most relevant topic in today’s world and our blog covers all sorts of health tips for our readers.

Automobile: What are the latest automobiles that are being launched in the market? Which is better? We also cover all automobile news and updates.

Entertainment: Would you like to know about the best romantic songs of Bollywood? Or the best sad songs of Bollywood? You’ll get long, elaborate lists in our blog.

Lifestyle: For all your lifestyle and wellness tips for 2020, check out our ‘lifestyle’ category of our blog.

Please feel free to share your valuable suggestions with the help of which we could enrich our blog. 

We are thankful to you that you visited and liked our blog. We look forward to your visit again. In case of any issues, don’t hesitate to send your feedback through the Contact Us Form.

Our Mission:

To help and educating people everyday’s online and offline topics and serving the best thing from their side.

Email:- shivkumardubey220@gmail.com

I hope that this blog helpful for you to find out some valuable information. Keep Visiting Entertain Platform.

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