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Paytm Earn Money - We all want to earn money from online sources because everyone loves to make money online through apps or any legit medium to fulfill his or her family dream, Right!! In this post, I'm going to share different valid sources available to make Paytm Cash from the Paytm app, and its a fun way to earn free Paytm cash.

Paytm is a payment app which is made by an Indian company and it is located its headquarter in New Delhi. This Platform is very famous in India for payment or transaction purposes to transfer the money online and do various other stuff. Paytm Bank service is also provided by the Paytm.

This app itself is a mall we also called Paytm Mall where we can actually buy the products at a very cheap rate and also we can sell our own product on Paytm mall, So we as a user act as a buyer as well as the seller. To know more tricks and ways we can earn money from Paytm easily is shared below, Keep Reading!!

What is the Use or Benefits of  Free Paytm Cash

There are multiple ways we can Make Paytm Money Online as follows:

Online Money Transfer 
Mobile Recharge
Water Bill
Online Flight Tickets
Online Movie Tickets
DTH Recharge
Landline Bill
Gas Bill 
Loan Bill
Mutual Fund(SIP) Investment
Gold Buy

We can use and get benefitted from the Paytm Cash to do Mobile Recharge, DTH Bill, and various other services which will be applicable to use the free Paytm cash.

Multiple Ways to Make Money Through Paytm in 2020

Different ways in which I'm gonna tell you the genuine and tested method of earning money from the Paytm, so let's get started.

1. Paytm Seller Partner

In this method, people earn money through Paytm in Lakhs but the only thing that is required here is you should have your own product that you can sell through Paytm mall of its Paytm app. The Paytm tricks here are if some product is at your area you are getting at a low price just buy in bulk and then you can start your own store where people will love to purchase the product from you because they are getting at the low price of the standard market rate.

As we know in India there are multiple products which are famous for a few cities and other states people want to have that this can also make you earn more money from this technique.

Paytm offer the Paytm seller partner program to start the business the above method which I have told to make you are earning instant and faster and safe. Paytm is trusted so you don't need to worry about any security and polices.

2. Free Cashback

Cashback is the key which attracts the users to do payment online. As we know also heard that one time the Google Pay or GPay is also very famous because people can earn lakhs or thousands of rupees by only doing the transaction. The Paytm is also doing the same and giving you a small amount of free cashback to your Paytm wallet or directly to your bank account.

When you do Mobile Recharge or Pay the Electricity Bill through Paytm you might get Cashback and it is absolutely free. So you can ask your neighbor or in family members to do recharge through your Paytm App or you can do payment Online when you do shopping so you get more chances to earn Free Paytm Cashback.

Paytm also give you promo code or discount to your product which you buy from online that you can use to save money it is also the way of earning the money through Paytm App.

3. Paytm Affiliate Marketing

Multiple products companies want to sell their products to customer and also want influencer or publisher or YouTuber or a normal business-oriented person to sell companies products and get the bonus as a commission on the affiliate products.

You may hear from many people that this affiliate business is already taking gear by the Amazon and Flipkart companies to sell their products and get the few percentages of commission as an earning.

Paytm is also giving this opportunity to make a sell of their products if you have an audience who wish to buy the trending products which most of the people use in there daily life and get a commission. Sell only trending products that are in high demand to Make Paytm Money Online.

4. Paytm Complete Task

Paytm also offers its users to Earn Paytm Cash Without Investment just to complete the task which is clearly instructed in the guideline to complete and if you are successfully complete those task you can Make Paytm Money Free.

There are multiple apps available in the market like Laddo and Cahsboss which will help you to get rewarded as cashback for your use after completing the task, but you need to make an account first on these apps and start earning money online in free.

5. Use Promo Code

Paytm allow the promo code to be entered by the user before every transaction so that the user can get the benefit of using the promo code. But you will not be lucky enough to get every time promo code offer because it's a little limited. 

There are Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites that give you the free promo code you can use it and get the products or anything in the concession rate and again you're saving your precious money.

6. Watching Advertising

We know the power of advertising because most of the publishers relying on ads to earn money online through Google Adsense and also other Ads Networks. So in this method, you will Earn Paytm Money By Watching AdsVideos and get cash in your account.

You can download the apps which will show you the ads and once you completely watched the ads videos then the app will give you the Free Paytm Cash.

7. Playing Games

Yes, You heard right to earn Paytm money by playing games on android it is normal games that we use to play in our daily life in that way you just need to play games and win the match to win free Paytm cash. Game names are Ludo Game, Cricket Game, 8 Ball Pool, etc.

Paytm launches the project name called Paytm First Games - Win Paytm Cash for there users to play a normal game and win the match as well as cash for your use. Many people are already earning money while playing the games on Paytm, So why are you waiting to start today and get your first income earn and let me know in the comment section.

8. Earn Money From Paytm Gold

Paytm allow you to buy a Gold on Paytm app this is the investment first then you will say how I am earning money from this method, so the answer is once you Buy the Gold from Paytm you have to see the gold rate once it increases you can sell the Golds, so you're getting profit and earning Money from Paytm Gold Option though it is a slow process it is worth trying.

9. Paytm Refer and Earn

This is the best and easy way to earn up to 10,000 rs only referring this Paytm app to your friends and family who do not use this Paytm app till now.

Once you refer the Paytm app the other side of the user needs to Register and Earn Paytm Cash after completing the first Recharge or any Transaction amount which will be mentioned in the app likewise you will get more money by only sharing the app to other people.

10. Earn From Paytm KYC

This is also the one technique where you can earn money as a KYC agent to complete the KYC details of multiple users who don't know how to get it done KYC for Paytm, But to become a KYC agent for Paytm you need to follow the term and condition and register yourself to become an earning person from Paytm.


That's it for this post I think I have covered the Major ways we can Earn Money from Paytm and I hope you like this post, please do share your thoughts in the comment box if you have to earn something which I have explain in this post and also share this post on Facebook and Twitter and many other social media platform to let your friends know to have there other sources of income to fulfill small dreams. 

Do visit out again for other such posts to get some information as well as to earn money online by Paytm cash or free way of earning. Till then see you guys!!

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