Check All Codes to Know your Own Mobile Number - Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-IDEA, BSNL

Check All Codes to Know your Own Mobile Number - Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-IDEA, BSNL

Check Mobile Number: When we bought a Mobile Phone from the shop the next thing that comes in our mind is to Choose the Sim Card Operator to select the number. But the next thing is always difficult, Yes you guess right the mobile number of the sim card. So you start remembering the mobile number of your own phone, but it is no more required if in case if you forget to remember. We are gonna tell you the basic technique which will let you know your Mobile Number within 5 seconds, keep reading in this article to know how to check the mobile number in the sim card.

Check Mobile Number

Today's trend is mostly we use dual sim card in our smartphone for two different purposes like one is normal or a common number to bank and the other is for calling and data purpose so we are owning two SIM cards. In this situation, we might end up forgetting our own mobile number and if we want to check our mobile number we need to enter SIM oriented USSD code to check our Mobile number.

The different operators using a different USSD Code to let the user know their Mobile Number by just dialing the number in their mobile like you used to call by dialing the number. So once you dial the USSD Code in your respective mobile the process will be done and flash with the result within a second with your mobile number and some time the balance details as well.

How to find your own mobile number?

Generally speaking there is most of the providers may have some common USSD Code to check their own mobile number.

1. Just Dial *1# from your mobile phone

2. After dialing the code/ number just call on that number within a few seconds pop up will come and you will be able to see your mobile number.

Note: This is a common and first way to know your own mobile number but if this is not working on your mobile phone then you need to have to go to below specific USSD provider number to know your mobile number.

So, Guys, let's jump to the USSD number of specific operators to know our own mobile number as follows:

How to check AIRTEL Mobile Number USSD Code?

As we all know the Airtel is a private service provider and it is providing good signal networks as it is more established in Indi. There is sometimes multiple USSD Code provided by the airtel operator to check airtel sim phone number.

Dial any of the given below following USSD code you need to try one by one and after that, the screen will pop-up and you need to follow the instruction to get the own mobile number.

*121*93#                                    *140*175
*140*1600#                                *282#
*400*2*1*10#                            *141*123#

How to check RELIANCE JIO Mobile Number USSD Code?

As we all know the JIO name itself a very big brand in India and in the telecommunication sector and JIO provides and changes the revolution of mobile calls and data plans rate.

There are 2 ways we can check the mobile number of JIO SIM easily.

1. Dial a toll-free number 1299
2. Either you can use the MY JIO App to register with it and get the number and plans easily.

You can also check with other option to find Mobile Number based on IMEI number

Send SMS JIO <IMEI> to 199 from any JIO Number.

Note: Another option is if you want to send SMS to any non JIO Number you can send SMS to 7021799999 so you will receive an SMS with JIO number associated with specified IMEI.

How to check VODAFONE Mobile Number USSD Code?

Vodafone also provides the missed call method to check the Mobile Number on SIM of 10 digits. And also provides the USSD Code to check the Mobile Number.

Dial *111*2# in your mobile based on Vodafone Number.
Another way is dial *555#, *555*0#, *777*0#, *131*0# to follow the instruction to get the mobile number.

How to check AIRCEL Mobile Number USSD Code?

Aircel is also the private telecom service provider. The time period of this telecom service is very less in the market as compare to others, somehow it service in the market. It also provides the missed call method to check the Mobile Number on SIM of 10 digits.

Aircel USSD code to know the Mobile Number, Please Dial - *121*9#

How to check IDEA Mobile Number USSD Code?

The idea is previously famous for its promotional and discount services at a very cheap rate before JIO came into the picture. But now you know the Vodafone and Idea already begin its merger.

Dial USSD Code - *1# to your Mobile Phone

also, Dial Other USSD Numbers:

*131*1#                    *147*2*4#               *131#                  *147#
*789#                      *100#                   *616*6#
*147*8*2#                  *125*9#                 *147*1*3#

How to check BSNL Mobile Number USSD Code?

BSNL is a Government service which previously very famous in the telecom market but now we all very rarely used these services to only WIFI purposes. We have tested and verified a few numbers which are helpful to check the Mobile Number of BSNL.

Dial USSD Code -  *222# and *99#

These above numbers will help you to know the Mobile Number with a pop-up screen.

How to check TATA DOCOMO Mobile Number USSD Code?

TATA DOCOMO is also a private company and very famous for its plans. It is founded by Ratan Tata and the company is Indian and it also provides a lot of services to there users. This service is also famous to dial a number to missed calls to get 10 digits mobile number.

Dial *1# to your Tata Docomo Mobile

or Dial *124#, *580# to get the instructions on the screen to get the Mobile Number.

How to check MTNL Mobile Number USSD Code?

The MTNL is very famous and popular for wire Phone and WIFI services to there customer and it is also a government based Company.

Dial *8888#

How to check TELENOR Mobile Number USSD Code?

Telenor offers a special USSD Code to find the Mobile Number from the SIM. It is a private service provider, previously known as Uninor.

Dial - *555#

USSD Codes Lists for All Operators to check Mobile Number

The below List of USSD Codes are simple and basic all you need to do is to open the Dialer of your Mobile Phone and start dialing respective code to know the Mobile Number it's absolutely free Service.

Telecom OperatorUSSD CODE
Airtel*121*9# or *121*1#
IDEA*131*1# or *121*4*6*2#
TATA DOCOMO*1# Or *124#
Reliance*1# or *111#


We have provided all the detailed lists of USSD Code to Check Mobile Number in android phone within seconds like magic. We shared How to Check Mobile Number for All SIM Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance Jio

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