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What is Smart TV? Everything you need to know about them

We all know what a TV is and what is the use of a TV. TV is the biggest source of indoor entertainment in our lives. We all love watching movies, songs, our favorite serial or TV shows in our homes on TVs. But do we know what the hype of Smart TVs is?

Smart TVs are much more than just watching our shows and movies on TV. We can do everything on our smart TV that we used to do on our smartphones. It can be used for surfing the internet, YouTube, social media, etc.
What is Smart TV
What is Smart TV
They come at so many different prices like Smart TVs under 60000, 40000, 20000 and even under 10000. These all will be smart TVs but of different specifications and different sizes as well.

Without wasting any time let's take a look at what is smart TV is and everything else you need to know about them.

Internet and connectivity

what is smart tv - Internet
what is smart tv - Internet

Smart TVs are capable of connecting you with the internet just like your mobile phones. You can easily surf the internet, search on Google anything through your smart TVs. 

Now the question which arises here is how they can connect to the internet. The answer is they have an inbuilt feature of Wi-Fi and you can connect it with your home Wi-Fi, your mobile hotspot, etc. They are very easy to make connections.

For offline connectivity they can be easily connected to other devices with the help of cable, Bluetooth, USB with any mobile phone, laptop or other external media player devices as well.
The only issue that can be faced in making connections between smart TV and Wi-Fi is because of the range of Wi-Fi adaptor. People often face this issue, when their Wi-Fi is in one room and the led smart TV is at the end of other rooms. 

It can be easily solved by keeping both of them in one room or by changing the adaptor of the high Wi-Fi range.

Smart Remote

what is smart tv - remote
what is smart tv - remote
Every TV comes with a remote and it is the only thing which helps us to operate our TV. But smart TVs have a different kind of remote. They help in operating our TV in a better and easy way. 

The new technology remotes of smart TV are based on voices based technology. It means you can easily operate your smart TV with your voice. Yes! You just have to speak on the mike section of remote and your TV will follow your instructions. 

The old way to use this remote is to point it towards the front signal of TV but these remotes operate on Bluetooth. It simply means you can use this remote in any direction which comes under the range of TV. Users no longer have to point the remote in front of the TV.

Software Update in Smart TV

what is smart tv - tv software apps
what is smart tv - tv software apps

After every few months, we see a notification on our mobile phone that tells us you need to update your mobile phone. It happens because the company has upgraded the operating system on which the TV is running. 

This same thing happens in smart TVs as well. They also get their updates from the manufacturers from time to time. In this competitive era, everyone wants to provide the best experience of any product to their customers. To provide that great experience, they need to upgrade the operating system of that device. 

So every smart TV manufacturer upgrades their TV after some time, some companies provide their update quickly some provide it late. But every company provides the operating system update on the smart TV.

Hang or Crash Issues in Smart TV

what is smart tv - crash issue in smart tv
what is smart tv - crash issue in smart tv

The next thing is to do smart TVs crashed or hanged while working. Theoretically, this is right, as they all are based on operating systems so they can be hanged or crashed some time. But this issue was faced by people at the early time of smart TVs when they were new in the game. 

But now, after so many years, technology has become so advanced and they do not get hanged or crashed. But in case if this happens you just have to turn your TV off and turn it on again after a few minutes. Your TV will be running completely fine.

Games, Applications and Screen Mirroring

what is smart tv - screen mirroring in smart tv
what is smart tv - screen mirroring in smart tv

Remember the time when you have to show something from your mobile phone and you keep on passing your smartphone to everyone in the family to show. Gone are those days, you can just show it on your TV screen without even transferring into your TV.

By just turning on the option of screen mirroring the TV can show your mobile phone's screen on the bigger screen of the TV. Not only this, but professional gamers also prefer to play games on their smart TV because of its enhanced features. 

Just like our mobile phone it also has a play store where you can download and install the applications on your TV. You can install apps like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. All these video streaming platform's apps are available in most of the Smart TVs interface. 

Some TVs even come with the subscription to these platforms as well.

Alternatives of Smart TV

what is smart tv - alternative of smart tv
what is smart tv - the alternative of smart tv

After reading all this we know for what reasons we must have a smart TV in our home. But what about those people who already have purchased the LED TV but their TV is not smart. 

There is a simple thing that you can do, by which you can easily turn your non-smart TV into a Smart LED TV. This can be done with the help of some devices like Google chrome cast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc. 

By installing these devices your TV will easily be converted into a Smart TV. These all are of different prices and features as well. They are available online on any shopping website, you just have to choose the desired product according to your budget and need. 

To convert your TV into smart TV all you need is a free HDMI or USB port according to the device. 

Other than all these smart TVs are also used by the professionals for giving presentations in the company or by connecting it to the smart home or smart speakers. People can operate the whole smart home on their Smart TV screen.

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