Roadies Winners List of All Seasons (1 to X5) with Picture and Prize Money

Roadies are the reality show which is started in 2003 and aired on television the first time ever. This show basically based on the concept, where young boys and girls stand in one show participate and complete the task individually or in a group to win the roadies title in the final.

MTV Roadies All Season Winners

The 15 seasons completed and we are going to list all seasons roadies winners/roadies winners of all seasons with there picture and prize money.

1 - MTV Roadies Season 1 Winner - Ranvijay Singh (Year - 2003)

MTV Roadies 1 Winner - Ranvijay Singh

As we have mentioned the first season took place in the year of 2003, where Cyrus was the host of the show. Eight contestants were chosen to participate in the show and ironically the first seasons proved to be working and inspired to go for the second one next year.
  • Winner - Ranvijay Singh
  • Age - 34-year-old
  • Prize Money - Rs. 5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

2 - MTV Roadies Season 2 Winner - Ayushmann Khurrana (Year - 2004)

MTV Roadies 2 Winner - Ayushmann Khurrana

The very next year 2004, the winner got the chance to become the host and Rannvijay accepted it. One of the amazing things about the show is that this time they added two more, so the contestants count increased to ten.

The show winner became an entertainer, Host, and a movie star after several years later.
  • Winner - Ayushmann Khurrana
  • Age - 33-year-old 
  • Prize Money - Rs. 5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

3 - MTV Roadies Season 3 Winner - Parul Shahi (Year - 2005)

MTV Roadies 3 Winner - Parul Shahi

After the show did well in the previous year, the very next year 2005, the auditions were started. However, this time they have increased the contestants to thirteen. However, the producers started to call the prize money as money tasks. To increase the money, contestants have to win the task to increase the money.

  • Winner - Parul Shahi
  • Age - Not known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 3,60,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

4 - MTV Roadies Season 4 Winner - Anthony Yeh (Year - 2006)

MTV Roadies 4 Winner - Anthony Yeh

The show has done pretty well in the previous year, and the producers have made changes to the show. They were able to secure a sponsor “Hero Honda.” and the prize money rules not changed because they wanted to keep the interest of the contestants to the top.
  • Winner - Anthony Yeh
  • Age - Not known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 3,75,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

5 - MTV Roadies Season 5 Winner - Ashutosh Kaushik (Year - 2007)

MTV Roadies 5 Winner - Ashutosh Kaushik

In the year of 2007, the new seasons begin to emerge. However, they have rolled back the prize money rules for some odd reason.  The show tagline was “5.0”, which we need to give a round of applause.
  • Winner - Ashutosh Kaushik
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

6 - MTV Roadies Season 6 Winner - Nauman Sait (Year - 2008)

MTV Roadies 6 Winner - Nauman Sait

With the tagline “Hell Down Under” in 2008, the show started again with new contestants and this time they have increased the contestant’s numbers to twenty.
  • Winner - Nauman Sait
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 3,62,000 

7 - MTV Roadies Season 7 Winner - Anwar Syed (Year - 2010)

MTV Roadies 7 Winner - Anwar Syed

In 2009, the show saw one of the interesting turns and the money tasks came back, but the prize money was nothing but a joke. The lowest prize money ever but the show made crores from sponsors and advertisements.
  • Winner - Anwar Syed
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 90,000

8 - MTV Roadies Season 8 Winner - Aanchal Khurana (Year - 2011)

MTV Roadies 8 Winner - Aanchal Khurana

In 2011, a new adventure began with the roadies. The number of contestants was reduced to 12 which is good.

  • Winner -  Aanchal Khurana
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 4,00,000

9 - MTV Roadies Season 9 Winner - Vikas Khoker (Year - 2012)

MTV Roadies 9 Winner - Vikas Khoker

In 2012, the Roadies tagline was “Everything or Nothing.” with 13 contestants, a new journey begins.
  • Winner - Vikas Khoker
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 6,17,000

10 - MTV Roadies Season 10 Winner - Palak Johal (Year - 2013)

MTV Roadies 10 Winner - Palak Johal

In the next season, Palak Johal became the winner, and she was the most entertaining in the show. With sixteen contestants, the show had over eight returnees.
  • Winner - Palak Johal
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 4,50,000

11 - MTV Roadies Season 11 Winner - Nikhil Sachdeva (Year - 2014)

MTV Roadies 11 Winner - Nikhil Sachdeva

The tagline of the season is X1: Ride for Respect, where more than fifteen contestants selected to run for the game. The whole show took in India only, but most of the time, they move to another country.
  • Winner - Nikhil Sachdeva
  • Age - Not known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 3,32,000

12 - MTV Roadies Season X2 (Season 12) Winner - Prince Narula (Year - 2015)

MTV Roadies X2 Winner - Prince Narula

The host of the show changed, and now in 2015, we have Gurbani Judge (VJ Bani) as a new host. Not only that we have twenty contestants ready to roll the show and the show winner is Prince Narula, who won another reality show called “Bigg Boss.”

  • Winner - Prince Narulla
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 5,00,000

13 - MTV Roadies Season X4 Winner - Balraj Singh (Year - 2016)

MTV Roadies X4 Winner - Balraj Singh

In 2016, the show went rooftop by adding two more contestants, and they have also changed the prize money to a car. Renault has made a sponsorship, and the show offered Renault duster as the prize money. The tagline of the show is X4: Your Gang, Your Glory.
  • Winner - Balraj Khera
  • Age - Not known
  • Prize Money - Rs. 5,00,000

14 - MTV Roadies Rising Winner - Shweta Mehta (Year - 2017)

MTV Roadies Rising Winner - Shweta Mehta

The show has reached its peak, and the contestant’s count has remained 22 so as the prize money (Still Renault Duster, which cost 10L after taxes). VJ Bani has finally retired from the host position to pursue further in the movies and Roadies have offered the spot to Gaelyn Mendonca, who has gladly accepted the offer.
  • Winner - Shweta Mehta
  • Age - Not Known
  • Prize Money - Renault Duster Worth Rs. 10,00,000

15 - MTV Roadies Xtreme Winner - Kashish Thakur Pundir (Year - 2018)

MTV Roadies Xtreme Winner - Kashish Thakur Pundir

The roadies fan-favorite Kashish Thakur Pundir has lifted the winner’s trophy for MTV Roadies Xtreme. Kashish was a part of the Neha Dhupia gang on the show.

Talking about winning the show, Kashish told: “I have no words to explain my feelings for roadies. Roadies Xtreme was and will remain my most cherished experience. The fact that I was on the journey was such a big achievement in itself and winning the coveted title was the icing on the cake.”
  • Winner - Kashish Thakur Pundir
  • Age - 25-year-old
  • Prize Money - Renault Duster Worth Rs. 12.99 Lakh

The most shocking fact about the show is the prize money is less, it has not increased over the years. However, the interesting fact about the production team and the show makes over 2 million dollars and yet the prize money has not increased to this date.

Even the host of the show makes more than the contestants, which is a shocking fact about it. 

16 - MTV Roadies Real Heroes Winner - Arun Sharma (Year - 2019)

MTV Roadies Real Heroes Winner - Arun Sharma

Roadies Real Heroes: Arun Sharma from gang Raftaar is the winner of the roadies youth-based reality show. Arun completed the task 4 minute 10 seconds while Bidhan took 4 minutes 55 seconds while Ankita took 4 minutes and 53 seconds.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes Gang Leaders/Mentors.
  • Neha Dhupia
  • Nikhil Chinapa
  • Prince Narula
  • Raftaar
  • Rannvijay Singha
  • Sandeep Singh.

Roadies judges changed, host changes and production team has changed as well, but the show remains successful, and only six Winners were able to succeed in an entertainment career. Let us know your views on this in the comments section.

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