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Happy Mahashivratri to all of you guys, we know how much importance of Mahakal in our life. Mahakal is another name of Lord Shiva. In Hindi, we also called Lord Shiva as Shankar Bhagwan(GOD). Whenever we faced some problems in our life we generally do the mantra of om Namah Shivaya in the hope to get the problem resolved. Our belief towards Mahakala is so much that it can't be expressed in terms of words.

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Many of you don't know the reason why we celebrate the Mahashivratri most of the new generation. Today we will let you know in short why we celebrate the Mahashivratri (Om Namah Shivay images, Mahakaal Status) and also let you know the power of Mahakal(Om Namah Shivaya).

There are many mythological legends associated with this day. According to a popular legend, after the earth was faced with imminent destruction, Goddess Parvati pledged with Lord Shiva to save the world. Pleased with her prayers, Lord Shiva agreed to save the world on the pretext that the people of the Earth would have to worship him with dedication and passion. From that day onwards, the night came to be known as Mahashivratri and people began worshipping Shiva with great enthusiasm.

People mostly celebrate this day often doing fast entire day sing hymns and praises in the name of Lord Shiva. Many temples all over the world decorated full of lights and colorful decorations.

Mahashivratri - Om Namah Shivaya Whatsapp Image status (Mahakal) in Hindi

भोले बाबा का आशीर्वाद मिले आपको
उनकी दुआ का परसाद मिले आपको
आप करे अपनी ज़िन्दगी में इतनी तरक्की
हर किसी का प्यार मिले आपको !
जय भोले शिव शंकर बाबा की जय !!
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भोले की लीला में मुझ को डूब जाने दो
शिव जी की चरणों में शीश झुकाने दो
आज है शिवरात्रि मेरे भोलेबाबा का दिन
आज के दिन मुझे भोले के गीत गाने दो !
जय श्री महाकाल !!

ॐ में ही आस्था
ॐ में ही विश्वास
ॐ में ही शक्ति
ॐ में ही सारा संसार
ॐ से होती है अच्छे दिन की शुरुआत !
बोलो ॐ नमः शिवाय
जय भोलेनाथ !!
महाशिवरात्रि के इस पर्व पर
आप सभी पर भगवान शंकर और माँ आदिशक्ति
की कृपा बनी रहे
हैप्पी महाशिवरात्रि !!

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भक्ति में है शक्ति बंधू
शक्ति में संसार हैं
त्रिलोक में है जिसकी चर्चा
उन शिव जी का आज त्यौहार हैं !
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Mahashivratri - Om Namah Shivaya Whatsapp Image status (Mahakal) in English

On this pious occasion of Mahashivratri, many many greetings to all of you. May Lord Shiva shower on you his blessings with happiness, prosperity & peace.
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Shivratri is a platonic festival for Shiv bhakhts. It is the most memorable day of my life. I too have faith in Lord Shiva. When I am in trouble I always remember my God Shiva and my troubles go away. This day is best to meet lord, Shiva.

Lord Shiva blessings to all Indians. I am getting inspiration from Shiva Aarti and poems. People should pray to Lord Shiva early morning.

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Today is the auspicious day of Lord Shiva. Celebrate it with the joy of heart and help people understand the values of Lord Shiva.
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Happy Mahashivratri to all. Bhagwan Bholenath, I pray to you for all the people in this world. Please give everyone happiness, peace and lots of smiles. This is my prayer for today. Om Namah Shivaya!!

Once again wish you all Happy Mahashivratri 2019. Keep believing in Mahakal you will get all success.

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